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Well, then it will be a blow ticket because there the drivers on the roads it is more possible, more with a baby behind I turn into a lioness ready to insult all those who will stick the buttocks of my car with the full headlights in the face !!

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You’re still the guy who just got his license and his A on his brand new polo shirt, tinted glass, who thinks he has assimilated all the traffic laws and who rolls 90 instead of 70, well let’s see and then get in there too and destroys a family at the same time.

In my countryside, there are roads in the middle of the forest where the limit is 50 and people are in such a hurry that they may even overtake you on the side, but mash you can read or not? and then afterward they are the same ones who will read the newspapers and raler because there have been deaths on highways.

Typically French always rail when it is itself a public danger.